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Beautiful Flowers



Beautiful Flowers


Welcome to The Curtis Array! Where we believe that a true love and appreciation of flowers is in being a witness every day to the earth in its renewal.  It’s the way of Life

Our CEO and Founder Joy Curtis Proctor experienced this love and appreciation as a young girl every time she received yellow daffodils from her mother, and even though she didn’t realize it at the time, she recalls that it was then that her love affair with flowers began.  As an adult, that simple gesture of giving later became her lifeline. As a life coach and mental health advocate, Joy’s mission is to use her life experiences and talents to uplift and encourage others. As the CEO and chief designer of The Curtis Array, she uses her unique art of arranging flowers to bring Joy to an ever-growing customer base. For her it is a healing art.

“I still remember my mother giving me those daffodils” at a very young age and for no particular reason. I also can recall how my grandparents had this huge vibrant hydrangea bush in front of their house, these are just a few of the lasting impressions that I can remember so vividly”.  It is that Hydrangea, that became the logo of

The Curtis Array.

At the Curtis Array it is our mission to bring this sense of “just because”, joy and renewal into every home and for every occasion, within our reach.

The Curtis Array was established in 2017 as a labor of love. It was born out of the love of giving and, the love of receiving, a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  

A simple gesture makes a lasting impression when you receive a wonderful and uplifting creation from The Curtis Array. 

What sets us apart?

We are a family-owned business, courteous, professional, and prompt.


We are Array Artists, and we are always striving to perfect our craft.

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